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NomadicImagery is a Stock Photography Company

Offering Premium Quality Digital Downloads direct from the source Photographer.

Specializing in Travel Photography and Commercial Photography the Artist has 25 years worth of travelling experience wielding a camera (his weapon of choice) throughout places such as Europe, North Africa and more often than not the whole gamut of Asia from Turkey through the Indian Subcontinent to Northeast and Southeast Asia.

Has worked on Commercial Projects and Commissioned Projects, his images have been featured in prominent places such as book covers and magazines along with a wide variety of other Editorial and Commercial uses with general Photography work including Portraiture and Weddings. Not to mention numerous Post Processing Jobs.

Our Purpose:

To provide Stock Images for Commercial or Promotional projects in digital and print media at a fraction of the price of the major Stock Photography Companies.

Image Uses Include :

  • Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Catalogues etc.
  • Printing: Posters, Billboards, Postcards, Wall Decoration etc.
  • Websites
  • Product Packaging, Mugs, T-Shirt’s etc
  • Presentation, Video, Commercial TV, Films

Who am I?

Here’s the punchline, if you have got this far read on….

portrait image of antony ratcliffe author of nomadicimagery
Fascinated by different cultures from a very young age, at the age of ten during my formative school years in England I produced my first serious project on the Laplanders (Sami people) of northern Scandinavia/Russia. Even before that I was sleep walking out of the house to who know’s where until my Mother hearing the sound of the door opening and closing would wake up and drag me back to bed! I have also been told there were spells where I would attempt to runaway to some far off land with a local girl I was friends with, this at the age of 7! Needless to say, I never got very far, at the time…
A little over ten years after my Laplander project I finally got the chance, at the tender age of twenty one at the beginning of the nineties after resigning from my job to travel more further afield and disembarked for Asia. This first trip went on for a year and a half and compelled me throughout Southeast Asia, India and the Subcontinent, giving me time to explore and be spellbound by the magical cultures and distant lands I had dreamt of as a kid.
Since then I have climbed numerous peaks in Asia, Africa and Europe to feel the solitude and peace of the high places, frolicked on idyllic white sand beaches, trekked through jungles teeming with tropical flora and fauna and enjoyed some of the World’s best foods and the Company of incredibly hospitable and generous people to which I am forever indebted too.

But what has this got to do with Photography?

Well that’s just my background which has led me to where I am today.
Needless to say I would have been crazy not to have wanted to document some of the things I was seeing and experiencing hence I picked up a camera and did just that. I started off documenting Tribal Peoples of Asia due to their diminishing numbers and the need to record for historical reasons these dying breeds! And on it went from there, working commercially on various projects and amassing a vast library of images through travel, part of which are available here on NomadicImagery. In a Nutshell, that’s me.
The Nomadic lifestyle has not only been one of travelling but also settlement, having lived in such far flung countries as India, Malaysia, Japan and the Netherlands. I am presently based in Bali, Indonesia and the U.K.

Please do get in touch as soon as possible if you have any questions or if you have any specific image needs or would like to commission me by using the Contact Form or email me directly: [email protected]

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