Autumn Colours in Japan

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The Fall and Autumn Colours


The Picture below is of the climber, Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans), some of the first leaves to change during the onset of the Japanese Fall Season and take on beautiful Autumn colours with Takatsumayama (Mount Takatsuma – 2351 m) in the background.

poison ivy red colored leaves mountain background
Poison Ivy Autumn Colors
Autumn is already upon us here in the mountainous regions of Japan. And what better time for capturing some beautiful shots of the colourful Autumn leaves. This is a great time to be in Japan to view such beauty in nature. Japanese Maples are especially pleasing to see and are in abundance as one would expect with a name like that!

poison ivy red colored leaves mountain background
Red Leaf Japanese Maple in Japan
Here we have the Takatsuma Lodge named after the beautiful pyramid peak in the opening picture (Mount Takatsuma) with adorable Maple tree going through the Summer to Autumn Colours transition in Togkakushi, Nagano Prefecture in Japan.
takatsuma lodge with japanese maple tree
Takatsuma Lodge with inspirational Red Leaf Maple Tree
Japan is quite famous for its Fall Colours which exude exoticism and draw domestic and International visitors alike to places where the transformation of summer foliage to Autumnal is at its most exuberant. The viewing of colourful fall leaves is known as momijigari or koyo , and is a favourite pastime for the Japanese populace.

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japanese maple tree leaves close-up
Japanese Maple close-up Autumn Colours
And finally a glimpse into Japanese woodland putting on a show with its jacket of Autumn colours.

autumn woodland japanese forest colors
Japanese Woodland in Autumn Colours

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  1. Hi Anton,
    Your autumn colours are terrific!!!
    They are no words to discribe your shots!

  2. Rebecca Rose

    Arrrrg so jealous of u lol. I've been to Japan three times but only at their airport for a stop over lol. Someday I wish to explore that country. I love Japanese food a lot lol!!! I really think its so beautiful there.

    Great shots as usual and wow I'll visit your other website too.

    Take care.

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  3. Kloggers/Polly

    You certainly have a little more sunshine in your Autumn pictures than we do at the moment.

    I've managed to peek at your website – it's beautiful.

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