City Streets of India – Characters and Lifestyle

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The city streets and her characters….

four people on motorbike in india
Breaking the law in some countries – Not in India!
Moving away from the high Himalaya in north India I thought I would do a quick post back down on the plains, taking it to the city streets of towns and villages where lots of colourful characters reside and a humongous amount of well…just things, ‘going on’.
primitive iron filled with hot coals on city streets
Traditional Iron packed with steaming hot coals….


And a passing mule roaming the streets in the background, just an everyday occurrence in India, if it’s not cows munching their way though cardboard and other street waste!
poverty and people in india backstreets
And amongst the alleyways things also happen…..
Life is mostly lived outside in India whether it’s in sub zero temperatures in the mountainous regions or baking hot on the plains, it’s hard to keep the people off of the streets.
young indian kids posing on the city streets
Life is to be lived, no matter where you are…


Of course it comes as no surprise to see the impoverished homeless on the streets…


tramp sits destitute on india s city streets
Like hobos wandering from place to place, begging for alms…


street seller on the streets of india
This guy waits for a sale, a fine purveyor of ladies handbags…


guy cuts someones hair on the streets of india
The outdoor Barber, this guy cuts hair for a living on the streets….


indian girl making chili paste on the street
This girl makes chili paste the good old fashioned way…


indian kids having fun on the streets
There are lots of kids on the streets but somewhat less menacing than those in the west..


indian kids having fun on the streets
Some of the kids better off…


impoverished indian kid looking at camera
Others not so…..


 turban wearing indian guy from rajasthan
Some people wear turbans…


indian guy with turban smoking pipe
Some people wear turbans and smoke…


portrait photo of indian guy smoking
And others just smoke…..


overcrowded streets of india
The city streets can be crowded……
varanasi cycle rickshaws panning photography
So some travel by cycle rickshaw on less congested city streets…


auto rickshaw on city streets
Could take the auto rickshaw but think she would much rather walk the streets…


indian guy selling cinema tickets
This guy is sells tickets for the small cinema, he looks very welcoming…


street workers handling steel
Street workers…….


dog sleeps on city streets
It’s a dogs life, they prefer it on the city streets….


cobbled streets of india
And we all gotta walk the city streets………..

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  1. Senad R

    This is very nice, great photography, first picture is awesome (great) :)!

  2. Antony

    Thanks Senad.

  3. Gary O'Connor

    speechless, awesome photography.

  4. Antony

    Cheers Gaz, glad you like it..

  5. Noushka,

    Absolutely outstanding images worth to be published by the National Geographic Mag for many – and I mean it!!

    The portraits are stunning especially the "turban" man!

    Thanks for this travel, I loved every single scene!

  6. Antony

    Many thanks Noushka,
    just wish I could keep up with you and your inspiring and very informative nature posts!

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