Stock Photo Image Collection of Animal Sacrifice, a practice that still continues to this day amongst Indigenous Cultures of the World. These pictures of Animal Sacrifice are from the unique culture of Toraja in the highlands of south Sulawesi. The Torajan people celebrate during traditional ceremonies partly by slaughtering animals and Animal Sacrifice is high up on the Agenda. After which the meat is butchered for consumption during the ceremony and also shared among guests.

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These Traditional Torajan Ceremonies usually take place for a Funeral Ceremony (Rambu Solok), Wedding Ceremony (Rambu Tuka) and New House Builds Ceremonies which often attract the whole village who participate in the ceremony and with good fortune leave with plenty of fresh meat. The organising family of the ceremony use the buffalo head and horns to further decorate their traditional Tongkonan house which not surprisingly has a roof in the shape of Buffalo horns!
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