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Bali Stock Photos

Collection of Bali Stock Photo Images relating to the Beautiful and Idyllic Indonesian island of Bali known throughout the world for Volcanic Mountains, Stunning Beaches, Delicious Food and Traditional Ceremonies, and Culture. The Bali Collection features some beautiful Stock Photos and Photography of Unique Ceremonies specific to the island and its culture. Articles on Bali Events such as Makepung Buffalo Races and the Balinese New Year (Nyepi) Parade and Kite Festivals can also be found in the Travel Asia Blog or in specific Stock Photo Collections if you care to search the website.

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This lush island of paradise has so much to offer the visitor be it Domestic tourist or International. It is also home to some great beaches which constantly attract surfers from all over the world with regular competitions held during the summer months. The traditional culture which continues to thrive even in modern times is a wonder to experience with traditional dances taking place frequently in some small pocket of the island along with religious celebrations being another must see highlight for any traveller wishing to indulge in the wonders of this unique island. One of the smaller Indonesian Islands but big regarding cultural heritage.