Stock Photo Collection of Makepung. This is a World famous Buffalo Race held in Bali, Indonesia on an annual basis where the Grand Prix or Tournament focuses on 7 circuits in Jembrana Regency. The circuits are as follows; Sangyang Cerik, Delod Berawah, Kaliakah, Pangkung Dalem, Merta Sari, Tuwed and Awen. Makepung Buffalo Race meetings usually commence from the months of July to November running once a fortnight which accumulates in November with a spectacular final. The races originated with farmers who after having toiled in the rice paddies all day would have a bit of fun at the days end.

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Mekotek Stock Photo

Before the Makepung Buffalo Races commence there is a best dressed buffalo heat where one can see beautiful ornately decorated buffalo’s in headdress and tassels which kind of resembles an animal fashion parade! For More Information please checkout this link to the Blog section of NomadicImagery for an article with some beautiful Images. Makepung Buffalo Races in Bali