Authentic Borneo – Longhouse Heartland

Authentic Borneo Mancong Dayak Village in East Kalimantan, Borneo is a real taste of the longhouse heartland in Authentic Borneo, situated on both banks of a small river which emanates from the rather large Danau Jempang (Jempang Lake) which covers an area … Read More

Lok Baintan Floating Market Borneo

Lok Baintan Floating Market a.k.a Pasar Terapung in Kalimantan Lok Baintan floating market is a unique cultural part of the tradition and heritage of the Banjar peoples of Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo. Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of the third … Read More

Panning Photography Tutorial

Discover how they do that in this Panning Photography Tutorial Images that capture the sense of motion while keeping the subject sharp and in focus? I will give a brief and simple explanation here with some quirky examples to whet … Read More

Nusa Penida – Paradise Island of Bali

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The Hidden Gem of Bali Discover Nusa Penida. A part of Bali often overlooked by visitors due to the mainland having such a wide variety of things to do there but this is the Hidden Gem! Dramatic image of Batu … Read More

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