Dragonflies of Sumatra in Magical Macro Vision

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Dragonflies of Sumatra So many beautiful species of Odonata Dragonflies of Sumatra in Indonesia, and the following will provide you with some stunning macro images or extreme close-ups of these incredibly fascinating creatures. Neurothemis fluctuans – Female Dragonfly Around 5680 … Read More

Borneo Dragonflies

Sarawak Species of Beautiful Borneo Dragonflies Article and some stunning close-up Macro shots of Borneo Dragonflies   Neurothemis fluctuans – Grasshawk Dragonfly   On a trip to Kuching in Sarawak Malaysian Borneo at the start of the year I was … Read More

Dragonflies of the Philippines

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Dragonflies beautiful Philippines species This article reveals some stunning close-up Macro shots of The Philippines Dragonflies   Close up of the Ground Skimmer (Diplacodes trivialis)   It’s been a long time since I made a post so I thought I … Read More

Mating Dragonflies of the British Isles

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Mating Dragonflies of Britain British Summertime and a time to get out into nature yet again and witness the beauty of nature, this time focusing on some beautiful Dragonfly and Damselfly species in glorious macro. there are a number of Dragonfly … Read More