Gunung Bromo Eruptions

Gunung Bromo – The Indonesian Volcano that Never Sleeps!

Article focusing on the constantly active Indonesian Volcano Gunung Bromo with Stunning Long Exposure Images of the fantastical volcanic eruptions of Jan 2016.

Gunung Bromo eruptions at sunrise
Gunung Bromo (Mount Bromo) at sunrise during a magnificent eruption
This has been going on for sometime now, since mid December 2015 and still continues to this day which is mid January 2016, the time of writing.
I decided to go and take a look and see just how bad it was. It turned out to be a highly rewarding experience, with constant eruptions which can be viewed at a safe distance over at the village of Cemoro Lawang which is about 2 to 3 Km’s away over the Sea of Sand (Pasir Laut). Cemoro Lawang sits on the ancient caldera rim which in itself is the crater rim of the original long forgotten Volcano that is now home to Gunung Bromo and Gunung Batok with Gunung Semeru just beyond the ancient caldera crater in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.
Long Exposure of the volcanic ash being emitted from Gunung Bromo eruptions
Long Exposure of the volcanic ash being emitted from Gunung Bromo
At the moment the area is seeing very few visitors be it local or international due to television reports of the ongoing Gunung Bromo eruptions. It is true that Cemoro itself is covered in a faint layer of ash, around the built up areas of the village and out in the fields. (Cemoro Lawang has seriously fertile soil hence it has long been associated with farming all sorts of food crops).
Indeed the first morning I went to shoot the sunrise the volcanic ash was falling quite heavily as the winds weren’t particularly favourable and the DSLR camera and tripod got pretty well covered (dust mask does help in these conditions)!
The following day the winds were being more kind and the wind as can be seen from the image above were blowing the volcanic ash cloud towards Malang City in the west. No masker needed, no covering head to toe in volcanic ash!
gunung bromo eruptions with horse man foreground
As Gunung Bromo volcano erupts in the background a local guy sits patiently waiting for business with his horse, a four legged taxi with which to ferry visitors to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park viewpoint on top of a nearby hillside.
Due to these eruptions which for the most part pose no serious threat to visitors and will continue to remain the same with entry onto the Sea of Sand (Pasir Laut) and the way over to Gunung Bromo craters edge in lock down visitors are still keeping away. For me this was a huge benefit regarding a tranquil uncrowded experience there but I did feel for the locals who not only rely on their crops flourishing for survival but also on tourism to the area.
With visitor numbers down by 90% it was recently reported on the television they don’t have a lot of tourist revenue coming in. The image above is what you see a lot of, local guys with horses who are usually busy taking visitors by horseback up the hillside to the viewpoint (Gunung Penanjakan) at 4am to watch the spectacular sunrise made more or less redundant, yet they continue to rise early every morning and go through the motions of heading to the hillside hoping for a paying customer.
Scale of Gunung Bromo volcanic eruptions
Scale of the Volcanic Eruption at Gunung Bromo

So other than that I would say if you want to see a large scale Gunung Bromo eruptions at a safe distance and get some great images as I did doing a lot of Long Exposure Photography get yourselves over there but please be aware of the transport costs to reach Cemoro Lawang from Probolinggo the only entry point up to Bromo due to Tosari and the route from Tumpang near Malang which goes via the Savannah being closed off.
As there aren’t many visitors the minibuses (bemo’s) outside Probolinggo bus terminal are waiting all day to try and fill their vans to make the 1 and half hour trip up to Bromo worthwhile so serious negotiations are in order unless you want to pay for a minibus taxi at quite a high price for the relatively short journey.
vertical Long Exposure Image of Gunung Bromo Ash Cloud
Long Exposure Image of Gunung Bromo Ash Cloud

Active Volcano of Gunung Bromo ash cloud

Active Volcano of Gunung Bromo

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