Cham Dance Buddhist Ceremony in Pin Valley

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Cham Dance at Kungri Monastery in the Himalaya This article revolves around the amazing and unique Buddhist Cham Dance that takes place at Kungri Monastery in a remote area of the Himalaya called Pin Valley in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh State … Read More

City Streets of India – Characters and Lifestyle

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The city streets and her characters…. Breaking the law in some countries – Not in India!   Moving away from the high Himalaya in north India I thought I would do a quick post back down on the plains, taking … Read More

Himalaya Mountains in Remote Spiti Valley

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Valley of the Gods – Himalaya Mountains The Himalaya Mountains in northern India are a blessed place to visit, not only as a religious pilgrimage place, a place to pay homage as the Buddhists and Hindus do but also to … Read More

Ladakh Travel – Adventures in the Himalaya

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Ladakh one of the World’s most amazing places Ladakh in the northern Indian State of Kashmir which borders Pakistan and China or to be more specific Tibet is a high altitude desert region in the Himalaya Mountains. Half of Kashmir … Read More

Holy City of Varanasi – Ancient Benares

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The Ancient City of Varanasi Lies on the banks of the holy River Ganges or Ganga as it is known to Hindus. Varanasi or Benares is situated in the north of India in Uttar Pradesh state. For Hindus it is … Read More