Mekotek Tradition – Authentic Bali Ritual

Mekotek Tradition of Stick Fighting Another unique Ceremony from the Balinese Culture in Incredible Indonesia. During Kuningan Day in Bali prayers and offerings take place all over this stunning Indonesian Island and in Munggu Village a small hamlet which is … Read More

Ogoh-Ogoh Giant Puppet Parade – Bali New Year 2017

Ogoh-Ogoh and the infamous monster parade of Ngrupuk (Pengerupukan) in Bali on the Eve of the Hindu New Year (Nyepi) is rapidly approaching hence this is an apt article although it relates to the Ogoh-Ogoh Festival of march 2016.   … Read More

Makepung Buffalo Races in Bali

Jembrana Cup Final 2016 The Makepung buffalo races in Bali is a competition which anyone interested in unique cultural events should experience at least once in their lifetime! Pair of buffalo racing at Makepung during the Jembrana Cup   Makepung … Read More

Melasti Ceremony in Bali

Melasti Procession at Padang Galak Beach  This Blogpost focuses on yet another incredible Balinese Ceremony known as Melasti which takes place a few days before the Balinese New Year and as can be expected is full of the pomp and circumstance known only to the … Read More

Self-Stabbing Ritual at Ngerebong in Bali

Self-stabbing during Odalan at Pengerebongan Temple Fascinating article regarding Self-Stabbing rituals a mystical-like custom, the Ngerebong Ceremony which takes place at the Pengerebongan Temple in Bali. Balinese man stabbing himself in the chest with Kris (Ritual Knife)   Ritualistic ceremonies … Read More

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