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Lifestyle and Sights of Malaysia

Article on Malaysian lifestyle in a nutshell. Food, markets, street life and nightlife.
twin towers of petronas towers malaysia
Twin Towers – Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur
Of all the sights in Malaysia the towering twin peaks of Petronas has to be one very popular sight. At one time not so long ago they were known as the tallest buildings in the world, from 1998 to 2004 these awesome skyscrapers retained the heavyweight title of highest buildings in the world until they were knocked down a peg or two by the Taipei 101.
towering petronas towers at night
An awesome feeling to be stood below this architectural wonder
national landmark petronas towers night photography
Landmark of Kuala Lumpur
With its pretty lights…
Malaysia is also famous for its wide variety of culinary dishes and the street food takes some beating too. Wether you are into Malay, Indian or Chinese there is no shortage of beautiful dishes.
malaysia food on the streets
Malaysian Food
chicken curry malaysia food style
Chicken Curry
Fried Chicken
malaysian street food
Spoilt for Choice!
Self Service – Malaysian Street Food
Although Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country it is hard to stop the tender tentacles of Buddhism wrapping themselves around any willing devotee. You can see lots of Buddhist Temples along with Mosques churches and Hindu temples.
The Burning of Buddhist Prayers
buddhist malaysia and burning incense
Daily Prayers
Markets are another speciality to be found in Malaysia. Vibrant and exciting with lots of interesting characters, foodstuffs, produce and items for sale.
Panic buying!
Traditional Footwear
butcher on market in malaysia
The Butcher
Malay Rickshaw
You may come across allsorts of oddities in Malaysia, things that make you smile, people that make you feel good, food that tantalises the taste buds and sights generally that will blow you away.
Many uses for Malaysian Rubber
Orangutan House
Chinese Influence
Kuala Lumpur Graffiti
Larger than Life
Malaysian Nightlife – Too Quiet?
So if you haven’t already been and you get the chance you should go and enjoy the sights, the smells, the scenery, the beaches, the mountains and the lovely hospitable poeples of Malaysia.

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