Climbing Gunung Merbabu Dormant Volcano

Climbing Gunung Merbabu in Central Java, Indonesia Climbing Gunung Merbabu (Mount Merbabu in english, whichever is your preference) is one of those unforgettable high altitude treks that will be in your memories for a lifetime if you are in Central … Read More

Climbing Gunung Sindoro

Mountain Hiking Trails and Climbing Gunung Sindoro Climbing Gunung Sindoro a rather big Volcano in Indonesia offering stunning aerial views of the surrounding mountain landscape from the Peak   Gunung Sumbing (3371m) as seen from Gunung Sindoro summit   Gunung … Read More

Climbing Gunung Merapi – Ring of Fire

Climbing Gunung Merapi Climbing Gunung Merapi in Indonesia one of the ‘World’s Most Active Volcanoes‘.   Gunung Merapi (2,930 m) as seen from Gunung Merbabu summit   This part of the World is famous for the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, … Read More

Himalaya Mountains in Remote Spiti Valley

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Valley of the Gods – Himalaya Mountains The Himalaya Mountains in northern India are a blessed place to visit, not only as a religious pilgrimage place, a place to pay homage as the Buddhists and Hindus do but also to … Read More

Togakushi Ski Resort

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Togakushi Ski Resort – The Ski Season Begins Togakushiyama and Takatsumayama   This last week has brought serious snow at long last to Koshimzu in Togakushi (Nagano Prefecture), Japan. And just in time for the winter Ski Season. Temperatures have dropped … Read More