Long Exposure Photography Tutorial

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How to get creative with Long Exposure Photography   Let’s get creative with a technique in the photography world that has helped create thousands of incredibly stunning and dramatic images with this simple Long Exposure Photography Tutorial. Simple when you … Read More

Self-Stabbing Ritual at Ngerebong in Bali

Self-stabbing during Odalan at Pengerebongan Temple Fascinating article regarding Self-Stabbing rituals a mystical-like custom, the Ngerebong Ceremony which takes place at the Pengerebongan Temple in Bali. Balinese man stabbing himself in the chest with Kris (Ritual Knife)   Ritualistic ceremonies … Read More

Kuningan in Bali

Kuningan in Bali during Piodalan at Pura Sakenan Kuningan in Bali is a perfect time to be on this blessed island, a time of wonderful celebration and one which is never to far away occurring every 210 days! Balinese Dancers … Read More

Gunung Bromo Eruptions

Gunung Bromo – The Indonesian Volcano that Never Sleeps! Article focusing on the constantly active Indonesian Volcano Gunung Bromo with Stunning Long Exposure Images of the fantastical volcanic eruptions of Jan 2016. Gunung Bromo (Mount Bromo) at sunrise during a … Read More

Indonesian Beaches of Java

Incredible Indonesian Beaches of the Java Coastline Indonesian Beaches normally refer to the island of Bali but this article highlights the incredible Indonesian Beaches at the South Central Javanese Coastline. During a recent trip to the south coast of East Java I … Read More

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