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stock photo outside floating toilet on Borneo riverFloating toilet on Borneo river

stock photo recent long exposure ancient sewu templeSymbolic Dayak Patung

eco-friendly village stock photoEco-friendly village

skilled dayak woman stock photoSkilled Dayak Woman

stock photo recent image of candi sewu temple statueCandi Sewu statue

stock photo recent long exposure ancient sewu templeSewu temple long exposure

stock photo recent hindu prambanan temple complexCandi Prambanan Temple

candi prambanan temple framed by green treesPrambanan temple framed

framed image of candi sewu ancient templeCandi Sewu framed

stock photo recent of buffalo wearing fancy adornmentsOrnate buffalo dress

man with decorated buffaloBali man and Buffalo

bleeding hide of a buffaloWounded Buffalo

buffalo raing at full speedRacing Water Buffalo

buffalo wearing fancy crownDecorated buffalo head

buffalo racing actionRacing buffalo

wood carved decoration on chariotCarved decoration on chariot

pair of albino buffaloAlbino buffalo

buffalo racing round a circuit at makepungBuffalo racing action

pair of beautifully decorated buffaloFancy buffalo

stock photo recent buffalo racing at makepung in baliBuffalo Racing

carrying religious offerings stock photo recentCarrying Offerings on heads

melasti ceremony and crowd at beachCrowded Melasti Ceremony in Bali

ceremonial procession at padang galak beachColourful Parasols

Procession at Padang Galak

giant effigies on bali beachGiant Bali Effigies

colourful parasols on paradecolourful parasols at Melasti

rangda demon queen at bali ceremony stock photoRangda Demon at Melasti

rangda queen of leyaks on displayRangda on Display

balinese ceremony girls in costumeBeautiful Costumes of Bali

robed stone cut buddhasStone Cut Buddhas

hindu procession on bali beachReligious Procession

procession of gamelan musiciansGamelan Musicians

stock photo recent bali dancing girls in costumeTraditional Bali Girls

beautiful bidayuh ethnic womanBeautiful Bidayuh Woman

ethnic bidayuh girl posingPosing Tribal Girl

portrait of an ethnic bidayuh womanEthnic Lady in Costume

bali dance master wearing tari topeng maskTari Topeng masked dancer

balinese girls dance in traditional costumeBali girls dancing

balinese hindu woman praying at the templeBali Hindu woman praying

balinese women in costume with offerings at piodalanBalinese women costume

ogoh-ogoh model demon head being paintedSpray painting ogoh-ogoh head

spray painting ogoh-ogoh monster head Artist paints Ogoh-Ogoh head

knee of ogoh-ogoh monster statueThe knee of a giant Ogoh-Ogoh statue

ogoh-ogoh demon statues with scaffolding in constructionBali Ogoh-Ogoh in the making

balinese hindu's praying at a temple during kuninganIndonesian Hindu’s in Bali praying

small ogoh-ogoh puppet on display in baliOgoh Ogoh Puppet on display

stock photo recent of hindu barong paradeMythological Barong on Parade

indonesian women carrying spiritual offerings on the headBalinese women carrying offerings

sunrise at gunung bromo volcano during volcanic eruptionsSunrise and eruptions at gunung bromo

waves captured crashing upon the rocky shoreline at tanjung papumaWaves crashing upon the rocks

surreal painting-like seascape image at sunsetSurreal long expsoure seascape

monolithic seascape rock in black and whitePapuma rock in Black and White

beautiful tanjung papuma rock in the sea of javaMagnificent coastal feature

Long exposure silky waterfall image of gitgit in baliLong exposure waterfall

giant red ogoh-ogoh statue during construction with bamboo frameOgoh-Ogoh of Balinese mythology

scary demon queen rangda of balinese hindu mythologyRangda demon Queen of the Witches