Kuningan in Bali

Kuningan in Bali during Piodalan at Pura Sakenan Kuningan in Bali is a perfect time to be on this blessed island, a time of wonderful celebration and one which is never to far away occurring every 210 days! Balinese Dancers … Read More

Gunung Bromo Eruptions

Gunung Bromo – The Indonesian Volcano that Never Sleeps! Article focusing on the constantly active Indonesian Volcano Gunung Bromo with Stunning Long Exposure Images of the fantastical volcanic eruptions of Jan 2016. Gunung Bromo (Mount Bromo) at sunrise during a … Read More

Indonesian Beaches of Java

Incredible Indonesian Beaches of the Java Coastline Indonesian Beaches normally refer to the island of Bali but this article highlights the incredible Indonesian Beaches at the South Central Javanese Coastline. During a recent trip to the south coast of East Java I … Read More

Growing Super Hot Chillies

The Worlds Hottest Super Hot Chillies Super Hot Chillies have recently become the in thing. Re-discovered as it were with so many unusual shapes and sizes with such differing heat values. They look beautiful, interesting and some look actually quite … Read More

Panning Photography Tutorial

Discover how they do that in this Panning Photography Tutorial Images that capture the sense of motion while keeping the subject sharp and in focus? I will give a brief and simple explanation here with some quirky examples to whet … Read More

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